Thoughts from last week's class on Natural Wine

What a great class last Thursday as we explored and definition and boundaries of Natural Wine - thanks to everyone who attended! A few things struck me as being worth another comment:

- Almost everyone came into the class with at least one negative (if not outright bad) experience with Natural Wine; I *think* everyone left with a much improved and positive relationship with Natural Winemaking.

- Like many things, trouble starts when definitions become dogmatically strict, especially when trying to understand something as dynamic and amorphous as Natural Wine.

- There are multiple paths to trying and enjoying Natural Wine - personal health, eco-awareness, and simple palate preference.

- Not all Natural Wines are the same, nor should they be lumped under the same taste/style profile.

- It's worth thinking about what has to happen to make millions of gallons of wine at a time, what sorts of risks that entails, and how that directs what ends up in the bottle. There are winemaking decisions and there are business decisions - and we're open to make the choice about what matters most to us (and to our pocketbooks).

This just scratches the surface of the wide and engaging conversation we had- I hope you'll join us for Vine Lab 1.3 at the end of October... Stay tuned!