Staff Picks | Skye

Skye’s picks for the holidays!

Peay 2016 ‘La Bruma’ Syrah and Celler de Les Aus 2017 ‘Bruant’ Cava

Peay Vineyards 2016 La Bruma Estate Syrah
Peay produces some of the most delicate and layered wines made in California today. Their Syrah is no exception. Quiet at first, but with a bit of air, this Syrah is perfumed and spicy, complementing any dish you will enjoy over the holidays without being overpowering. Named after the fog that cools the vineyards during the nights and early mornings at this incredible vineyard just 4 miles from the coast.

Celler de Les Aus 2017 ‘Bruant’ is a remarkable example of exceptional and adventurous winemaking thriving in a region known for mass produced, process driven wine. Terroir driven, organically grown and no sulfites added. The Bruant is Nutty and Rich, it's complexity and balance rivaling even Champagne. 1 Mile from the Ocean, a true Mediterranean masterpiece.