Happy Labor Day San Diego!

A Labor Day Weekend note from one of our wine specialists, Marc Stubblefield:


Labor Day is upon us, the last signpost before the leaves start to change, the breezes start to nip through our clothes and the summer tank tops give way to flannel and…. Wait, what? We live in San Diego - It’s about to get warmer in September! Still, the holiday weekend brings visions of smoky grills and kiddie pools and an attempt to mark the changing of the calendar to that thing other folks call Autumn. But what to drink with those ribs, tri-tip, burgers, late-summer corn and sausages? Of course, in San Diego there’s no shortage of beer to ice down in the cooler on the patio, but where should we turn if our tastes follow a more vinous pursuit? The classic BBQ pairing is good ole American Zinfandel (Limerick Lane, anyone?), but the possibilities are endless. Rosé spritzer that can go all day (Guilhem en magnum + Fever Tree tonic and lime)? Funky, natural Pinot Gris that showcases bright red fruit but also has enough structure to handle some ribs (I’m looking at you, Swick)? Or maybe some laser-beam bubbles that can cut through anything the grill can throw at them (You’re up, Lauer Sekt)? Don’t let the same-old IPA waylay your weekend – find some wines to make your festivities sing!