Announcing VC Wine Lab

The world of wine is vast, mysterious and complex. Beginning on August 18th, Vino Carta will offer wine classes that dig deep into a cultivar, region, winemaker and beyond. The VC Wine Lab will explore the reasons behind why great wines are great. Each VC Wine Lab will offer multiple wines, a thorough walk-through of each wine, and a well thought out snack pairing all led by one of the resident wine specialists at Vino Carta.
VC Wine Lab 1.1: The Italian Piedmont
Thursday, August 18th, 6 p.m.-7 p.m.
The rolling foothills of the Italian Alps in the Piedmont region provide for some of the most majestic visuals anywhere in Europe. The complex soils and micro-climates of the region provide a range of quality wines that may be the greatest in all of Europe. From the nobility of Nebbiolo in Barolo and Barbaresco, to the unsung white wines made from Erbaluce, the first VC Wine Lab promises to be a delicious and romantic exploration of great Italian wine. Not to mention, they have great cheese.
6 Wines with cheese. Just $30/person. Seating is limited to 12 people. Please reserve your seat by email: