7/24 Sunday Wine Flight: SUMMER OF RIESLING

In 2008, one of the greatest wine bars in the world, Terroir in NYC, started a party meant to celebrate and educate people on one of the greatest grapes in the world...Riesling!  It was called 'Summer of Riesling.'

That party ended in 2014, yet the echo of its passionate battle cry lives on in our hearts and minds. We invite you to join us this Sunday for a celebration of great riesling and a toast to the passionate wine people who threw a rad party in honor of a misunderstood wine.

We put the spotlight on 5 different rieslings from 5 different origins-- Rheingau, Mosel, Wachaü, Santa Barbara and Alsace. Guaranteed you will find at least one that totally alters your perception of this regal cultivar.

5 Wines.   $15/person.     Starts @ 1 p.m. Hope to see you there!